my uncloudy days

My name is Jolie Joswick. I'm a wife, a mommy, a floral designer and a dreamer. Uncloudy Studio is my wedding and event floral studio in Washington, DC. This is my blog.

wistful for my wisteria

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A few years ago, after living in small city apartments, my husband and I bought a rowhouse with a tiny but existent outdoor space. I was in heaven! We immediately set to work putting in a small slate patio and tilling the dirt and clay and weeds that were serving as a backyard. We finally had a little plot of land with grass to call our own. Every spring we take an afternoon and drive to Homestead Gardens to add a few potted friends to our family. That first spring I had to have wisteria. I have been in love with this dramatic vine my whole life with its delicate twisting tendrils and gorgeous draping purple blossoms. It is romance in plant form. And during these bitter cold winter days I find myself staring wistfully out the window and dreaming of my wisteria.