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Simple and Elegant DIY Holiday Centerpiece with Orchids

We celebrated Christmas with my husband's family over the weekend and I always bring my Mother-In-Law flowers even when it's not a holiday so this weekend was no exception. But after surveying the mass amounts of boxes and bags and "oh yeah, don't forget that" and the dog and the kid, space was limited so I wanted to take "easy" flowers. I didn't want to worry about transporting an arrangement that needed a flat spot to ride (because there wasn't one!) so I decided to keep it simple and make the centerpiece when we arrived. I also didn't want to mess around with a lot of stems so this is what I grabbed:

  • 1 stem of green cymbidium orchids
  • 1 very full branch of ilex berries
  • 1 stem of magnolia leaves (just the tips)

and that's it!

When we arrived I raided the kitchen cabinets and chose a vintage serving bowl for the centerpiece vessel. You could use a bowl, shallow dish, compote etc just something low that can hold water. I didn't use a flower frog or clear florist tape but you may want to. If you choose to use either of these items, add the frog first and/or tape a loose grid across the opening of the container to help secure the flowers. I then trimmed my magnolia tips to fit the length of the bowl and laid them in first. Then I cut my cymbidium stem about two-thirds of the way down and used the top, longer portion of the stem to lay on the magnolia leaves making sure that the end of the stem was under water. I took the remainder of the stem and cut of most of the length off leaving just the blooms and tucked them into the other side of the bowl. For the final touch, I cut the laterals off the ilex branch and placed them in and around the orchids for a pop of color. And.... DONE!

It looked great, everyone loved it and the cymbidum will last through the holidays. Give it a try! Enjoy and Happy Holidays xoxo