Family time and Flowering trees at the National Arboretum

After breakfast this past Sunday we stopped by the National Arboretum. We hadn't planned on it but we were in the neighborhood and the sky was so blue and the sun was shining and why not? I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I forget about the Arboretum which I'm promising to never do again. It is a true treasure in the city and if you haven't been there yet or lately please do yourself a favor and GO! Right now the magnolia trees, forsythia and other flowering trees are in full bloom. The spring bulbs like daffodils, crocus and hyacinth add bright colors throughout the park. And in the Asian Collection the camellias are starting to show color and the hellebores are hanging their beautiful heads above the ground. I could've stayed all day but it was naptime for the kiddo... Until the next time please enjoy a few photos from our fun family outing!